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Like most web sites, the company "12 Cuncas" (fiscal company name: Marisol Padín González NIF: 35416619) also uses small text files called cookies. This note provides information on what cookies are, what uses "12 Cuncas" and how you can control. 

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What are cookies? 

Cookies are text files that contain small fragments of information and that is download to your machine when you visit a web site. Then, the cookies are sent to the web site that the originated in each subsequent visit, or to another web site that recognizes that cookie. The use of cookies is widespread because it allows a website to recognise a user and therefore device improve the functionality. 

You will find more information about cookies on; some concepts that are used in this article are defined in section 5 below. 

2 / How to use cookies "12 Cuncas"

"12 Cuncas" uses cookies for the following purposes: 

collect statistical data about the use of our web site and its operation, with views of to monitor and improve it; 

 facilitate the navigation of the user web site, including allow registered users access to to safe areas of our web site; and share our web pages via networking platforms social. 

3 / what cookies use "12 Cuncas"? 

In paragraph 6 will find a table with the complete list of cookies that we use. Note features that we are auditing the use of these cookies and that the table will be updated with the changes that we introduce. 

4 / how to control cookies 

If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can configure your Internet browser to 
to restrict or block. All modern browsers allow you to change the settings of cookies, 
normally in the "Options" or "Preferences" menu. To understand these settings, the following link 
you may find useful: 

If you disable cookies you can not use all the interactive features of our website. 

5 / Cookies definitions of source and third-party cookies this classification refers to the domain of the web site that set the cookie. Cookies of origin are that sets the web site user, i.e. the site is visiting that appears in the address bar. Third-party cookies are which establish other domains other than the web site that you are visiting. If a user visits a web site and other entity sets a cookie through that site, that is a third-party. cookie 

Are persistent Cookies which remain on the user's computer during the period specified in the cookie. 
Are activated whenever the user visits the web site that originated the cookie in particular. 

These cookies session Cookies allow the operators of web sites to connect a user's actions during a browsing session. A browsing session starts when the user opens the browser and ends when the browser is closed. Session cookies are created temporarily, and all are deleted when you close the browser. 

6 / complete list of cookies used by "12 Cuncas"

A continuation is the complete list of cookies set by www.12 to / Cookies set by the content management system (CMS on our web site Cookie name purpose) / expiration 

"12 Cuncas" more bc47c9955d44c3f8c727da724a4f4f64 Cookies set by our CMS for the correct operation of the online shop as well as the web in general.20 days 

"12 Cuncas" usuariologueado Cookie to manage behaviour among the cache system and CMS Logon 

"12 Cuncas" ageverification is in charge of checking that it has successfully the verification of age of majority 10 years 

b / origin Cookies set by web site 

Cookie name purpose / more information Google Analytics maturity utma "12 Cuncas" supports the use of Google Analytics on the web site to be able to keep track of the activity carried out in the 2 years 

Google Analytics utmb of Google Analytics cookies collect information standard registration and data on the habits of visitors to anonymously. 30 minutes 

Google Analytics utmc session c / third-party Cookies set by our web site