Welcome to the new website and logbook of Adegas Castrobrey. We are pleased to present you our new skin and the digital project we start. We look forward to your involvement.

What can you find on the weblog? Basically, all the experiences we have gathered in this endless profession: We will take you to visit known and unknown wine regions both within Europe and around the world. We will tell you the everyday experiences in an Albariño winery. We will write about the people that work in this profession and, indeed, we will reveal some of the secrets of the spirit of wine.

We will open this book so that you, readers and lovers of flavours and fragrances, tell us your wine experiences. We would like to know the memories that our wines evoke in you, the vineyards and wine regions you visited, the food pairings that delight your soul.
If we had never crossed paths, Nice to Meet you.

Please, let me invite you to know us better.

Adegas Castrobrey is a different winery inside the immense wealth of the Designation of Origin Rias Baixas. It is a family-run winery since 1983 and managed today by the third generation.

The writer of this text found himself divided into two passions: his job as an Architect and the wine passion. In this way, I decided to apply my knowledge about power lines, space division and the elements disposition to build a different, surprising and fresh brand of wine.

The winery is located in Camanzo (Vila de Cruces, Pontevedra) into the subzone of Ulla that is the river that flows into Arousa estuary, the heart of Rías Baixas. Ulla valley reaches inland forming a “thermal valley”. One of the main characteristics of Castro Brey is the location of their vineyards which grow along twelve hectares of soil composed by a granitic substrate.

There is a mild Atlantic climate around 100 meters above the sea level although the vines are grown in a mountain area. We are dealing with the real “granite viticulture”, where the soil and climate conditions for the growing of albariño grapes are excellent.

We are committed to combine the traditional methods with the most advanced techniques: Meticulous care of the vineyards, hand pruning and tying the vines with natural wicker. We recycle all the organic compost derived from the process of the wine elaboration. We use cold settling techniques and controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks.

Despite of that, we do believe that the persons who tasted our wines are in the best position to determine the quality of our work.

Adegas Castrobrey team welcomes you cordially. Cheers!