SIN PALABRAS 2014 Albariño scores 94/100 in the prestigious REPSOL.COM Guide 2016 to the best Spanish wines.

  • Sin Palabras Albariño was first put on the market in 2007. 
  • Vintage 2014 is scored 94/100 in this guide. Sin Palabras is considered among the best Spanish young whites and one of the best wines from the D.O. Rias Baixas.

Albariño SIN PALABRAS 14 is scored 94/100 in Repsol Guide 2016. This is the highest score since it was selected for the first time in Repsol Guide 2009 (90 scores) and the top rating for one Rias Baixas vintage 2014.

Five intense years have passed since SIN PALABRAS 2007 project became a reality. This was the first vintage and since then, Sin Palabras has been improving every year.


Santiago, October 2016. Castrobrey winery obtains more awards. Albariño Sin Palabras 2014: 94/100 (excellent wine) and NICE TO MEET YOU CASTROBREY GIRONA 2013: 90/100 (very good wine) in Repsol to the best Spanish wines 2016.

The 15th Edition of REPSOL.COM GUIDE TO THE SPANISH WINES 2016 is one of the most comprehensive wine guides. More than 1.500 wines among the best Spanish ones and more than 700 wineries have been selected. The Guide is organized according to wines assessed and classified by the Region they belong to, type of grape and type of wine. Only those wines over 88 scores will be included in this exclusive selection. Guide. 2016, one of the most prestigious guides in the Spanish wine scene, scored 94/100 Albariño SIN PALABRAS 14. This is the highest score obtained by this wine with since it was selected for the first time in Repsol Guide 2009 (90 scores) and the highest rate for one Rias Baixas wine vintage 2014. Furthermore, NICE TO MEET YOU GIRONA 2013 was also scored 90/100 (very good wine). This wine is currently out of stock.

In 2007, Adegas Castrobrey, by developing their constant innovation interest, commercialized the project of their “grandfather” and founder of the winery, José Castro Brey: making a wine from the oldest vines grown in Fornotilleiro vineyards in Camanzo – Vila de Cruces (Pontevedra), most of them  50 years old. Thus, Albariño Sin Palabras was born.

In 2012, the first vintage NICE TO MEET YOU CASTROBREY came on to the market. The wine pays a special tribute to the grandmother of the family: Isabel Pereiro Becerra and the three following generations represented by the blending of the three wine varieties: treixadura and godello (50 years old vineyards) and albariño (10 years old vineyards). With an innovative design, the bottle is dedicated to one different city in the world by changing the design and color of the bottle (vintage 2012 to Seville, vintage 2013 to Girona and vintage 2014 (currently commercialized) to Donosti.

This award means the positive development of Adegas Castrobrey.

Adegas Castrobrey, D.O. Rías Baixas (Ulla subzone)

Familiar winery founded by José Castro Brey and Isabel Pereiro Becerra in 1983. Currently, it is the third generation family tradition that combines the artisanal production and the most advanced cold maceration and controlled fermentation techniques in stainless steel tanks.

The winery is located in the Ulla subzone, in Camanzo (Vila de Cruces), 20 km from Santiago de Compostela. It is a magical place with a unique environment and landscape. The vineyard has an extension of 7 ha. with white varieties such as albariño, treixadura, godello and red vines: red caiño, brancesllao and souson aged between 10 to 60 years old. Our vineyards are situated within the former boundaries of Saint Salvador of Camanzo Monastery (“real monastic viticulture”). The soil is composed by clay, quartz and iron with a granitic base. The climate has Atlantic influence (temperature average:  17ºC, rainfall: 1200 mm/m2 and 2300 sunshine hours) which marks the character of their wines: Sin Palabras (100% Albariño old vines) / Castro Valdés (100% Albariño young vines) / Nice to Meet you Castrobrey Donosti (Albariño, Treixadura and Godello) / Sin Palabras Special Edition 2010

The bagasse of the grapes of the oldest vines situated in Fornotilleiro is distilled in copper traditional stills, removing heads and tails and using only part of the hearts to produce our orujos BOCABAJO CASTROBREY and CASTROBREY MÚSICA (Specific Designation Orujo de Galicia)

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